09 januari 2019

We.Stream Secure mobile hotspot with embedded cloud sim

In 2018 We.Stream, a new initiative by Mondicon, officially launched: the world’s first secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with Cloud SIM technology for unlimited data in more than 100 countries. Where intercontinental travellers used to pay huge prices for their mobile data, or used very unsafe public Wi-Fi, We.Stream provides the solution for a secure internet connection, wherever you are.


Groundbreaking new product

The Cloud SIM in combination with the built-in VPN (security solution), the hardware and the affordable internet bundles make We.Stream a groundbreaking new product on the international mobile data market, with which you are connected, any time and any place. Read more about the We.Stream and watch the product video on the We.Stream website .

We.Stream specifications

Cloud SIM: what makes We.Stream unique is the Cloud SIM, which makes affordable mobile internet available in countries outside Europe. The Cloud SIM uses multiple mobile networks within each country and proactively searches for the best available network, which can result in speeds of 150Mbps. This way you are assured of the best mobile data rates and prices worldwide.

Space for multiple SIM cards: In addition to the integrated Cloud SIM, the We.Stream also offers space for two other SIM cards. So, you can, if desired, also use your own local SIM cards safely.

Built-in safety solution: the We.Stream has a built-in security solution: a VPN with which you can set up two types of VPN connections. With the Cloud VPN you create a secure connection between the We.Stream Wi-Fi hotspot and the We.Stream server and you can access the internet from there. With the P2P VPN you make a direct and secure connection between the We.Stream Wi-Fi hotspot and the company network, so between two devices. Thanks to this VPN connection and the possibility to set up a direct secure connection between a device and the company network, We.Stream is very suitable for large multinationals. With the We.Stream, employees can connect to the internet and the company network anywhere in the world.

Online for longer: the We.Stream has a battery with which you can be online for no less than 15 hours. In addition, the device has a USB connection and can therefore also serve as Powerbank

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