What is Machine to Machine? M2M

The heavy internet users nowadays consist mainly of machines. The machines communicate via the ‘Internet of Things’ also called ‘IoT’, referring to applications with sensors, mobile communication connections, measuring systems, etc. For example, the smarter energy meter that automatically registers energy consumption and sends the data to a server, which in turn processes the data. This information exchange and actions is performed without manual human intervention and is also referred to as ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M) communication.

Machines (devices) communicate with each other via various components. The most important components for M2M communication include: sensors, sensors, RFID, fixed and/ or mobile internet and dedicated control software. 

Mifi-Hotspot supplies mobile internet solutions such as industrial M2M mobiele routersM2M Antennes and accessories. In the field of Machine to Machine routers, Mifi-Hotspot.nl offers high-end router brands, such as: PeplinkTeltonika, Cradlepoint and Nettcom. In the field of antennas Mifi-Hotspot.nl supplies PoyntingPanorama, and SCAN Antenna.

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