About MiFi-Hotspots.com

Distinctive supplier of wireless solutions

Mifi-Hotspot.nl is a distinctive supplier of wireless and mobile solutions. This includes USB modems, mobile wireless routers (MiFi), routers and associated accessories. MiFi-Hotspot.nl strives to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Years of experience

The employees of MiFi-Hotspot.nl have years of experience in the field of Wireless products and they are happy to assist you. We firmly believe that the right mobile device can be a difference for you.

Wireless technology

Wireless and mobile broadband products are based on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G technologies which are designed to connect anywhere in the world. The range of MiFi-Hotspot.nl is growing and can be divided into the following categories: 

M2M routers  

Machine-to-machine routers of industrial quality make it possible to realize an IoT application at a professional level.

MiFi routers

Create a personal hotspot via a local internet provider


The internet solution for international business travelers

Modems 3G/4G LTE  

Mobile modems suitable for internet connection on the road

GPS Trackers

24/7 live information about objects

Yacht Connect

Live information about the status of your boat


Means for transmitting and receiving radio waves.


In addition to these categories, on our website you will find bundles with internet solutions. These bundles are ideal for internet in your camper, yacht or from you second home. 

MiFi-Hotspot.nl stands for quality products, reliability and good service. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.