21 januari 2019

World's first corporate 1 TB worldwide shared data bundle!

We.Stream announced the introduction of world’s first worldwide corporate data bundle at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

This “high speed” Data bundle enables companies to share mobile data among its employees. In this way, companies are able to use worldwide data as efficient as possible. The bundle has a minimum amount of 1 Terabyte of data and has an expiration date of 24 months.

A company can now decide how to consume the pool of data with the use of We.Stream devices by its employees. Companies can decide themselves where and when their employees can consume mobile data all over the world, without having the worries of a 'bill shock' and or the loss of unused mobile data.


The We.Stream corporate pack is a perfect worldwide mobile data solution for corporates and bigger companies. It combines worldwide mobile connectivity and a built in VPN to maximise connection security.

You can order the We.Stream Corporate 1 TB Data package via this link.

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