Antenna Brackets

For the mounting of antennas we provide several solutions and products. Reed more about our antenna brackets and mounts.

Panorama MNMOM-5F NMO through hole antenna mount

Panorama MNMOM panel mount base icmt antennas-frontview
  • MNMOM antennea mount
  • Paneel mount
  • Cable RG58 l=5000 mm
  • Connector FME Plug
  • NMO mount
€ 21,63incl VAT
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SCAN 1 Inch deck mount 1"-14NF for SCAN Marine antennas

SCAN 1 Inch deck mount 1
  • SCAN Mount
  • Type: Deck mount
  • For Marine antennas
  • 1 inch thread 1"-14NF
  • Stainless steel polished
€ 19,95incl VAT
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SCAN 1 Inch Revolving nut kit G1 -11 for Marine Antennes

Scan-1-inch-revolving nut -kit for Marine antennas-mifi-hotspot-frontview-2
  • Revolving Nut kit for SCAN Marine antennas
  • for usage with G1"-11 inch antenna brackets and mounts
  • Material Brass Chrome plated
€ 10,95incl VAT
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SCAN 1 Inch mounting kit for 1"-14NF for SCAN Marine brackets

  • SCAN Mounting kit
  • Type: Fasteners
  • For Marine antennas and brackets
  • 1 inch thread 1"-14NF
  • Chromed brass and Stainless steel
€ 4,95incl VAT
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