How to get fast and stable internet in your RV, campervan or mobile home?

This is what we get as one of the first questions when people visit, but also when searching Google. Many people nowadays are building their own campervan or already have an RV, mobile home, caravan or boat. Of course, it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet. Whether it is to work (remotely, because of COVID-19) or recreationally in your spare time watching YouTube videos or binging the latest season of your favorite series on Netflix.

Most of the time, you already have a router at home that you connect fairly plug-and-play, providing you with your daily dose of bandwidth. However, the question “how do you do this on the road or remotely?” still remains.


MiFi hotspots and mobile routers

 At home you just plug your router into the wall. Then the cable, sometimes even of fiberglass, goes under the ground to one of those boxes outside. Here you are connected to the network of your provider. Remotely, this is different. With mobile routers or MiFi hotspots you only work with Wi-Fi, unless you plug an internet (via UTP) cable directly into your mobile router which is connected to the land line.

With a MiFi hotspot or mobile router you are not wired to such a box outside. Just imagine, everywhere you have to drive you have a cable running, practically impossible. A mobile router or MiFi device therefore creates one or more Wi-Fi hotspots via 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) and now even 5G by connecting to your local broadcasting tower. This means that you have to put sim cards in a mobile router or MiFi device, just like in your smartphone.
So, depending on the mobile router you have you can insert one or more sim cards. The best thing to do is to look up online which mobile internet provider has the best and most transmission masts in the area, country or city that you are. This way you are always assured of stable mobile internet.

A mobile router or MiFi device then creates a Wi-Fi hotspot where you can log in with one or more devices. You can then enjoy mobile internet wherever you are. Of course, you are still dependent on the range of a transmitter mast. This can vary considerably, but there are solutions for that too.


Mobile internet antennas

MiFi devices (My Wi-Fi), smartphones and mobile routers have built-in antennas. One better and stronger than the other. You can assume that the antennas in a mobile router are the best. You also have the advantage of being able to connect external antennas for an even better and faster connection. Sometimes small external antennas are even included with the device, such as with the Celerway GO, but for larger applications you want a little more.

At we sell complete bundles that allow you to get started right away. Of course, you can also purchase these antennas separately. So, you have a solution for every purpose. There are even antennas for maritime applications and boats. These are more weather resistant to the sea and salty air. Of course, there are also special antennas for campers, caravans and mobile homes. The advantage of these is that you do not have to go up on the roof to unfold the antenna.


Portable mobile routers and fixed mobile routers

Mobile routers come in many different shapes and sizes. You can always contact us to check what suits your application best. In practice we see a dichotomy in mobile routers. There are mobile routers you can take with you and fixed mobile routers you have to install into your vehicle.


Fixed mobile routers

Mobile routers that require fixed installation generally have a bit more applications and possibilities. Of course, they also work with SIM cards, but the big difference is that they always need to be connected to a power source when in use. That's why you mount it in a fixed place, preferably as close as possible to the external antenna. Because these mobile routers are a bit more heavy duty, you also enjoy a stronger, more stable and faster internet connection. Check out the Celerway Stratus 5G for example.

Let's face it, as nice as internet is in and around your campervan, caravan, mobile home or boat, if you want to enjoy internet further than your home on wheels then the above solution might not be quite for you. For example, if you want to check in at work while sitting on a terrace in San Sebastian, then you want a mobile router that you can put in your pocket. In that case, a portable mobile router is the solution for you. Portable mobile routers are for example MiFi devices, but also the Norwegian Celerway GO.


MiFi device

MiFi devices are smaller than your hand and go straight into your pocket. Perfect for some light work, whatsapping with home or scrolling through Instagram. Make sure you do not use or exceed your (local) data bundle. MiFi devices are convenient, but the battery usually does not last a whole working day. Also, the antennas are not as good as in the Celerway GO, for example.


Portable mobile router

A portable mobile router like Celerway GO has a longer battery life. You can work for about 7 hours without interruption, it comes with two small antennas and you can configure the router entirely to your taste. Especially for the business professional this really is a must-have.


Extensive user review

Are you curious what applications are possible? Check out this extensive user review by surf journalist Ronald de Leeuw. He works and lives from his campevan looking for waves and stories. He also runs a communications agency that is completely dependent on stable and fast internet. With 2 Poynting antennas and a Celerway GO portable mobile router he can now deliver the quality and professionalism he has always wanted.


So, why not create a mobile hotspot with your smartphone?

A very valid question. And yes, this is definitely an option. Just creating a quick hotspot so your kids can share their vacation photos with their friends is a great short-term solution. We all do that.

 Smartphone batteries drain quickly and get hot quickly. Of course, you could then charge your phone while having the hotspot on, but then you also have the phenomenon called: a pricey phone bill. Not something anyone wants to come home to. Even the unlimited internet bundles for individuals have a limit of about 20GB per month abroad. Streaming a movie of an hour and a half easily makes you lose 5-10GB, depending on the quality of course. When abroad, you are better off buying a local data SIM card. You can buy a pre-paid one or upgrade it every time. Often hundreds of dollars cheaper.

If this is what you want to do, then a MiFi device is often all you need. Put in your SIM card, create a hotspot and you're done. Just don't forget to charge it before you go to bed.


Celerway, Teltonika, Poynting, Peplink

With a wide range of different brands you are always assured of fast, stable and secure mobile internet at an attractive price. You may already know brands like Teltonika, but be sure to check out the Norwegian company Celerway. Celerway's modern and mobile-first platform allows you to harness the power of multiple simultaneous wireless and wired connections to get your network where it needs to be. is the exclusive and authorized distributor of Celerway, as well as Poynting antennas, in the Benelux. keeps you connected at all times, wherever you are.

From this article you may already have noticed how much diversity and supply there is. Local authorities that want their employees to work remotely need something far different than John and Kathie who want to stream an episode of Breaking Bad in the evening.

 At we have all of that and more. With years of experience, we know exactly what you need. Therefore, if you don't quite know what you need, please contact us. We have put together a number of great value camper bundles that you can get started with right away.



The innovative company Celerway specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial mobile multi-WAN routers. Celerway offers an extensive portfolio of robust mobile routers and software solutions providing its customers with fast, secure and reliable internet regardless of their location.

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Poynting Antennas is a top global provider of integrated antenna solutions, responsible for the innovation, design and manufacture of its market-leading product

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Peplink designs and manufactures industrial M2M routers that meet the high standards. The Machine to Machine routers are supplied under the name Pepwave, are very reliable and easy to operate. The pepwave M2M routers are very robust and are used in industry, shipping, public transport and public safety such as fire brigade, police and ambulances.

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Teltonika's vision is to provide added value for people and companies by creating electronical devices and solutions, which are based on the latest achievements of science and technology. They aim to help people to integrate the latest technologies in real life, which would bring more cosiness, comfort, freedom of mobility and security to their everyday life whilst seeking to make all their solutions an important part of people lives.

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