Poynting MiMo-3 LTE MiMo-3-V2-12 2 in 1 Vehicle Antenna 6 dBi

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Poynting MiMo-3 LTE MiMo-3-V2-12  2 in 1 Vehicle Antenna 6 dBiPoynting MiMo-3 LTE MiMo-3-V2-12  2 in 1 Vehicle Antenna 6 dBiPoynting-A-MIMO-0003-V2-15-Drawing-magnetic-mount-Mifi-hotspot-8 - kopiePoynting-A-MIMO-0003-V2-15-Drawing-surface-mount-Mifi-hotspot-7 - kopiePoynting-A-MIMO-0003-V2-15-Drawing-spigot-mount-Mifi-hotspot-5 - kopiePoynting-A-MIMO-0003-V2-15-Drawing-top-view-Mifi-hotspot-3 - kopiePoynting-A-MIMO-0003-V2-15-Drawing-Mifi-hotspot-2 - kopiePoynting MiMo-3 LTE MiMo-3-V2-12  2 in 1 Vehicle Antenna 6 dBi
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  •  2 in 1 futureproof high performance antenna
  •  5G Proof
  •  Multi band 410-470, 690, 710-2700 and 3300-3800 MHz
  •  2 x MiMo Wi-Fi dual band 2,4 and 5 GHz
  •  2 x MiMo LTE
  •  Robust antenna
  •  Vandal -and water resistant
  •  Increased stability


The Poynting A-MIMO-3-V2-15 incorporates 5 antennas in a single antenna housing, providing 2x Cellular, 2x Wi-Fi and a GPS. The 2x Cellular MIMO antennas (for 2G/3G/4G/5G) cover the 690 MHz to 3500 MHz band, as well as the 410-470 MHz band, which is becoming popular in the IOT industry. These ultra wide band capabilities makes this antenna future proof and ready for 5G.

The Poynting MiMo-3 V2-15 vehicle antenna, is due to its wide band, is already 5G- proof and offers a versatile antenna which can be used across different operators and technologies. The antenna provides two separate dual-band 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi antennas on 2.4GHz and 5GHzfrequency.
Antenna element 5 is a high performance active GPS/GLONASS system operating down to -40 degrees.
This antenna exceeds the performance of most competitors due to an excellent design of this high performance antenna. The radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good
radiation abilities at the desired elevation, which is important for this type of antenna.

Main applications are for industrial vehicles, M2M and other IoT systems using a wide range of radio technologies, while remaining futureproof over the wide frequency band offered by
this antenna.

Mounting possibilities:

The Poynting Mimo-3-V2 provides easy installation with multiple mounting possibilities. The standard spigot mount is available with a 40 and 80 mm spigot.The adhesive mount is also standard with a rear cable exit. A magnetic base kit is optional.

De Poynting MiMo-3-V2 series is available in the next models:

A-mimo-0003-V2-15 "5 in 1" antenna with 2 x LTE; 2 x WiFi en 1 x GPS antenna.
A-MiMo-0003-V2-13 "3 in 1" antenna with 2 x LTE antenna elements en 1 x GPS antenna.
A-MiMo-0003-V2-12 "2 in 1" antenna with 2 x LTE antenna elements

Application Areas

  • Linking public vehicles to data networks
  •  Inland marine applications, trucks, tractors and other industrial
  •  and commercial vehicles for control and communications
  •  M2M to ATMs, vending machines, modems, smart meters,
  • industrial enclosures
  •  4G to Wi-Fi internet on busses, trains, etc
  •  Asset tracking (containers etc) 

In the box:

A-MIMO-0003-V2-15 "5 in 1" Omni directional Mimo Antenne (Ean 0707273470263)
A-MIMO-0003-V2-13 "3 in 1" Omni directional Mimo Antenne (Ean 0707273470287)
A-MIMO-0003-V2-12 "2 in 1" Omni directional Mimo Antenne (Ean 0707273470300)
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