Poynting PUCK OMNI Series Antenna

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New 5G-Proof
Poynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series AntennaPoynting PUCK OMNI Series Antenna
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  • Frequency range 617-4200 MHz
  • 5G-proof
  • Multiple Variants Puck-1 to Puck-12
  • Small & Low-Profile (Ø 100mm x h 36mm)
  • Waterproof & Dustproof (complies with IP68)
  • Highly Ruggedised (complies with IK10)
  • Fire Resistant (certified with ECE-R 118.02)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • UV Stable Enclosure
  • Wideband - covers wide frequency band
  • Ground plane independent

 Puck antennes * Depending on PUCK version



Poynting’s new PUCK antenna range offers a small profile antenna for use in the IoT/M2M, Smart Meter, SmartUtilities and Transportation markets.

This antenna range offers a variety of options for MIMO LTE, MIMO WiF iand GPS/GLONASS within the same enclosure, while keeping implementation as simple as possible due to its many mounting options. Due to excellence in engineering and a solid design, this antenna provides exceptional performance for its small size.

The Poynting A-MiMo-Puck-xx MiMo combination antenna is an omni directional antenna which performs on a wide frequency range (617-960, 1710-2700 and 3400-4200 MHz). This means that the Poynting Puck-series are 5G-Proof.



The Poynting A-omni-Puck-series come in the following variants:

 Item  Description Poynting LTE pictogram Poynting WiFi pictogram Poynting GPS pictogram
PUCK-0001 Puck Antenna    1x   SiSo    
PUCK-0002 Puck Antenna 2-in-1    2x2 MIMO    
PUCK-0004 Puck Antenna 3-in-1      2x2 MIMO         Yes
PUCK-0005 Puck Antenna 5-in-1    2x2 MIMO   2x2 MIMO       Yes
PUCK-0007 Puck Antenna 4-in-1    2x2 MIMO   2x2 MIMO      
PUCK-0008 Puck Antenna 3-in-1    2x2 MIMO   1x   SiSo  
PUCK-0012 Puck Antenna 2in-1     2x2 MIMO  
GPS-0001 GPS/ Glonas Antenna           Yes



Application areas:

M2M applications
Remote metering
Remote monitoring

Mounting possibilities:

Poynting Antenna Mounting Options

Ordering information:

A-PUCK-0001-V1-01 SiSo-LTE antenne met 1 x LTE

- Black EAN: 6009880915262 / White EAN: 6009710920435

A-PUCK-0002-V1-01 2-in-1 antenne 2x2 LTE MiMo antenne

- Black EAN: 6009880915200 / White EAN: 6009710920572

A-PUCK-0004-V1-01 3-in-1 antenne met 2x2 LTE en 1 x GPS antenne

- Black EAN: 6009880915224

A-PUCK-0005-V1-01 5-in-1 antenne met 2x2 LTE, 2x2 WiFi en 1 x GPS antenne

- Black EAN: 6009880915170 / White EAN: 6009710920817

A-PUCK-0007-V1-01 4-in-1 antenne met 2x2 LTE en 2x2 WiFi antenne

- Black EAN: 6009710920497
A-PUCK-0008-V1-01 3-in-1 antenne met 2x2 LTE en 1x WiFi antenne

- Black EAN: 6009710920510

A-PUCK-00012-V1-01 2-in-1 antenne met 2x2 WiFi antenne elementen

- Black EAN: 6009880915248 / White EAN: 6009710921586

A-GPS-0001-V2-01 GPS/ Glonas Active antenna

- Black EAN: 707273469823