The term 'hotspot' is widely used, but what is a hotspot anyway? A hotspot is a publicly accessible location using wireless internet. Have internet access on a public location with a laptop, iOS device or smartphone to a Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, various operators offer hotspots in busy locations such as petrol stations, restaurants, etc.

Moreover, the mobile hotspot is also an increasingly well-known facility. The mobile hotspot consists of a small router that combines mobile internet with WLAN. The device is pocket-sized and offers internet access up to ten wireless users. The internet speed of the more luxurious variant of the mobile hotspot is even faster than the current ADSL modems. Therefore, the routers are very suitable for having internet access while traveling, such as in the train, by car, on the boat or at the campsite. Finally, you can use the mobile hotspot as a backup if the existing fixed broadband connection is disrupted.

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