13 maart 2024

What is IP Rating?

Ingress Protection rating, IP rating in short, classifies how well suitable devices are for different environmental conditions. All electrical devices have this rating, yes, even your phone. An IP rating consists of two numbers, each having a different protection and level. IP rating is industry standard and applied worldwide allowing for conformity of electrical devices. Take IP68 for example.

The first number 6, means how well the device, or antenna in this case, is protected against solids. The scale of this first number starts at 0 all the way up to 6. 6 obviously means it’s very good at withstanding solid, with 0 meaning no special protection against solids. Solids mean hands (1), fingers (2), tools (3), pins and needles (4), dust (5) or completely dust tight (6).

The second number, 8 in this case, means how well the device is protected against liquids. This scale runs from 0 to 8. With 8 being very well protected against liquids and 0 no special protection against liquids. Condensation or dripping water (1), water droplets deflected up to 15 degrees or vertical (2), spray from 60 degrees vertical (3), water spray from all directions (4), low-pressure water jets from all directions (5), strong water jets or waves (6), temporary emersion of device (7), prolonged emersion under pressure (8).

IP68 means that it’s the best of the best, but it’s not always necessary for every solution. On a boat you’d preferably wants something that IP68, but inside an office a different rating might suffice.


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